Heal Your Relationship with Food Nutrition Counseling with Eve Lahijani

Heal Your Relationship with Food Nutrition Counseling with Eve Lahijani

Heal Your Relationship with Food Nutrition Counseling with Eve LahijaniHeal Your Relationship with Food Nutrition Counseling with Eve LahijaniHeal Your Relationship with Food Nutrition Counseling with Eve Lahijani

Working with Eve Lahijani Registered Dietitian


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Working with Eve is not for people who want another diet or rigid meal plan.

Working with Eve is for you if:


  • You have a feeling this "food issue" is more than just about food.  It's about living in alignment with your highest self.
  • You want to learn how to listen to your body, how to trust your hunger, and ultimately trust yourself with food and life in general.
  • You're done using any more of your precious time, energy and LIFE obsessing about food, what you ate or what you are going to eat!

Working with Eve is for people who want to feel comfortable and in tune with their bodies, at ease around food, and experience eating just the right amount of food to thrive in life - whether they are eating alone or with others.  People who value being present, aligned, authentic and FREE!

Does this sound like you?

Want to find out more?  Apply to experience a complimentary coaching session with me - as my gift to you!  You will never experience food the same!

What People Are Saying


"I never thought I could be one of those people who could keep bread in my house when we first started working together.

When it was in the house, I would over eat it and feel so much shame afterwards. But now I could have bread in my house and it’s no big deal. I have even forgotten that it was there! I have come so far, I can finally trust myself.” 

- Private Client 


"Eve you Rock!!

A girlfriend of mine that hasn’t seen me for 3 weeks…said I look amazing and I lost weight. YAY! Snacking away, eating healthy (most of the time). I brought dried fruit and nut salad with me, tuna, soy yogurt, and carrots to eat throughout the day… Checked the scale last night. I lost 5 pounds. Thank you for the inspiration and motivation.” 

- Private Client


"I had been struggling with body image and off-and-on dieting since the age of 9 years old.

I did everything from completely restricting food to bingeing and purging to calorie counting to fat-free to carb-free and diet pills. I also joined weight loss programs (Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers). And in each of these attempts, I had some short-term success only to set myself and my body up for failure (and repercussions) down the road.

Coming into working with Eve I was skeptical that I would ever be able to be “normal” with food and eating. I didn’t think that giving up restricting certain foods or strategizing in some way around food and my body was something that was possible for me.   

What I learned is that the exact opposite was true — constantly being on a diet and covering up my body in the way I dressed was exactly what was keeping my relationship with food and body image unhealthy. By allowing myself certain foods that were once forbidden without restriction, they lost their compulsive power and allure over me. 

I can now distinguish between when I actually want a piece of pizza or a cupcake versus eating it because it’s available and it might be my only opportunity to have it before it’s “off-limits” again. This was HUGE!!!

I also really learned to enjoy preparing and cooking delicious meals (another thing I would have told you would never be true for me) and I’ve developed a deeper sense of gratitude for my body — just the way it is and the way it isn’t. I am much more active now and have incorporated a lot of fun into this area of my life so that it has become something I truly enjoy and not another “tool” to lose weight. Outside of food and body image related successes, I have allowed myself to be more vulnerable and to graciously accept contribution from others.

Eve is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is so kind and compassionate on each step of the journey and also full of great knowledge and insight. She has a true gift and I’d highly recommend anyone struggling with their body image or stuck in a dieting cycle that’s just not working anymore work with her. It will make a huge and lasting difference!"

Amanda, Mom & Entrepreneur

Want to be your own testimonial?

Find out what you and Eve can accomplish together!  Sign up to experience the highly acclaimed "Food Freedom" coaching call.  Totally complimentary - but - the most valuable time you spend all week!

"During a series of classes conducted at our ...


workplace, I was sooo impressed with Eve's presentation that I requested and received a lengthy series of private meetings with her.

She not only knows her subject (aka business) exceptionally well, her style of sharing/teaching are a rare find. Her ability to be supportive and promote confidence is far above outstanding.”

- Private Client

"I really appreciate the attention I received.


For me, this information was a major self-discovery of my personality. Not paying attention to eating was just part of my problems… I found myself rushing on several other areas of my personal and professional life. I have taken actions to adjust these patterns. I’m self-aware and that’s what I value most of this training.” 

- Private Client

"I have worked with Eve Lahijani in the past…


she helped me out in a big way. She helped me get all my numbers down to where they need to be. Everything she taught me is so valuable and I use it every day.” 

- Private Client

"My clothes fit so much better


I can’t believe I fit into my skinny jeans! I feel comfortable in front of my husband again! Thank you!”

- Private Client

"I feel like I am truly on the path to a lifetime of healthier eating...


and yet feeling okay when I crave and eat something less healthy.”

- Private Client

"This class was a pleasure.


Listening to Eve inspired me to listen to myself!”

- Private Client

Follow Your Heart

It's an incredible feeling knowing you can trust yourself around food in any situation.  Get started today by signing up for the complimentary "Food Freedom" call as my gift to you!


"From the very fist meeting with Eve, she completely helped me change the way I perceive and deal with food and eating.

Since meeting her I have lost 30 lbs and have enough energy to work 60+ hour work week and workout 3x/week. With her support, I look forward to a healthy life whereas before, I feared what might happen to my health. I am now better able to focus at work and have been more productive and effective as a result.” 

Private Client


"What I liked about Eve’s coaching was the way she helped make me think about food differently.

She made me realize that many times what I was feeling was not hunger, but something else. That allowed me to take the proper steps to not only deal with food and eating differently, but also other things that I used to deal with by eating. She acknowledged my ability to recognize and change my poor habits which I found to be incredibly supportive. I never found that kind of support anywhere else in my life. Not from doctors, friends, etc.” 

- Private Client


"I have a much more positive outlook in my daily activities...

because I feel better overall and stronger and can remain more productive. Since I am more positive, I pass on that attitude to those I work for and those working for me. I have also learned how to make healthy food choices whenever I visit the company cafeteria, as well as when I purchase food to brown bag with me to work.” 

- Private Client

"I eat when I am hungry now.


I don’t feel guilty when I eat my favorite ice cream. I loved learning how to enjoy my food.”

- Private Client

"I enjoy my food more.


I don't overeat anymore."

-Private Client 

"The best part is losing weight...


without relying on willpower or feeling deprived!”

- Private Client

"I realized that my desire to eat...

snack healthy snacks

often has little or nothing to do with actual hunger.”

- Private Client 

"I have increased awareness which helps me make better food choices.


And I am conscious of what I am feeling (ie. whether I am really hungry or just feeling bored, tired, lonely, etc.).”

- Private Client

"I like knowing that I can eat whatever I want.


Knowing this makes it easier to make more supportive food choices.”

- Private Client 

Willpower doesn't work!

Neither does "going at it alone" that's why so many people struggle with food.  Don't be like everyone else!  You are here for a reason, apply for a "Food Freedom" coaching call today.