Heal Your Relationship with Food
Nutrition Counseling with Eve Lahijani


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Experience Peace with Food in Any Situation


Imagine feeling at ease and relaxed no matter what food is around.  Staying attuned to your body when eating alone or with others.  Eating in a  self-honoring way from morning to night at every occasion.

No.  Matter.  What.

Live in Alignment with Your Highest Self


Are you tired of eating beyond the point of fullness or feeling guilty for what you ate?  Are you ready to release the frustrating patterns of emotional and compulsive eating?  Are you intrigued by the idea of letting go of diets? 


Trust Your Hunger with Confidence & Love


Use your own body's cues to guide when, what and how much to eat.  Make satisfying, nutritious and balanced choices with ease.  Derive more pleasure from food and eating and eat just the right amount.  

End the food fight and experience


Let the Journey Begin

You don't have to struggle and suffer with food anymore.  You can have an empowered and relaxed relationship with food, your body and your LIFE!  Schedule your complimentary "Food Freedom" call here.