Heal Your Relationship with Food
Nutrition Counseling with Eve Lahijani

All About Eve


I was obsessed with food and HATED myself for it.

And at the same time, I wished that I could just take a pill - instead of eating - and never deal with food again.  

I lived each day too full, regretting every bite I took that got me to bloated and stuffed.  Other times, I was totally famished, fantasizing about the next morsel of food I was 'allowed' to eat.  Feeling the high of a new diet/plan.  But who was I kidding?  That never lasted.  

I was scared to eat with other people because I feared their judgement.  At the same time, I was afraid to eat alone - because I knew how I could lose control and be in a disassociated food fog after the first bite!  Endless eating - even though I told myself self just one serving.


Food was not fuel. It was torture, comfort, punishment and the bane of my existence.

I was living out of contact with my body, my heart and my God (higher power, the Universe, you know...).  Out of alignment with my authentic self.  And somehow I knew there had to be a better way.  There was more to life than a growling stomach or worse yet - a stuffed stomach pressing against my waistband.  And that's when I made a promise to myself, to anybody who was also struggling with their eating and to whatever was out there that could help make it happen. 

I promised that if/when I "fix" my issue with food, it would be my life mission to help others do the same.


And I did it!

After years of therapy, several coaches, a Master's program in nutrition, three years of spiritual psychology training certifications, reading any book on psychology, nutrition, behavior, motivation, philosophy, religion, spirituality, love, intuition, life purpose, death, etc  - - I finally did it!

I enjoy such a profound peace with food, my body and life - it's even better than I ever imagined!  And I am here - dedicated to supporting you in experiencing it for yourself.  I even created my very own Signature System that includes all of my favorite strategies, tools and mindsets to cultivate unshakable  freedom with food in any situation no matter what is happening in your life.

My commitment to help people achieve permanent peace with food, live from their authentic self and live a life of true freedom only grows more and more each year.

But enough about me...

Now it's your turn

Experience a transformational session with me, as my gift to you.  No strings attached.  You have nothing to lose.